Founder’s Message

I was just another woman of this country who grew up listening to the stories where sometimes the ‘morality’ took over all the sins and the other times the same ‘morality’ shunned the beliefs in humanity. The words like ‘morality’, ‘shame’, ‘culture’, ‘values’ and ‘blame are words that has always been imposed on women. But after I lost my ‘heart’, my daughter Jyoti in a bizarre and monstrous incident that happened on 16th December 2012, I decided to fight back.

My daughter was a fighter and when I saw her losing the battle I decided to take over like every mother does for her child in some or the other way since the day her child is born. That is how I became the founder of “Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust” out of a grief that I and my family suffered.

Though, I knew she left us behind in turmoil yet I wanted to get justice for my ‘heart’ and millions of such hearts who lost in this never ending battle till date.

Although, women’s rights are human rights but these rights are trampled on with impunity in our country. We struggle every single day with crimes against women and the scourge of rape is terribly high on the list of abuses.

The way our people stood up at that made me realize that it’s all about us and it’s the time that we need to bring a change in this ever demeaning and heart wrenching reality. We as the parents of Nirbhaya feel that the world is with us. We are thankful for the prayers that came from all over the world and now we want each one of us to ‘stand united’ and fight against the violence and abuse that our women are facing.

“Let’s fight back!!!”